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Hammering Newton

by philz last modified 2004-11-02 05:54 PM

These pages describe most of things I've found while sitting with my Newton and Hammer. For those wondering why anyone would treat Newton with a hammer: Hammer is low level Newton debugger.


On these pages I try to describe internal working of Newton's software. Currently I have found how most of things in "High Level Store" work. Just few things are missing. Soon I'll publish all tools I've written so far, including:

  • Store decoder, which can show soups in store and dump content of any soup entry

Following tools are ready to get in "Downloads" section:

  • Package store decomposer - splits package into individual objects
  • Flash store decomposer - splits Flash dump into individual objects
  • LZ Compressor/decompressor - implementation of LZStoreDecompressor algoritms
  • AIF to ELF ROM image conversion toolkit
  • ROM extension ("high rom image") splitter

Current Activities

Currently I'm just browsing through ROM image with Hammer and custom written tools for processing disassembled image. I plan to eventually do following:

  • Create UML models for C++ classes contained in ROM
  • Roughly describe what most important of them do

In meantime I started work on Newton Revenge. For a start I'm documenting Newton debug protocol, and write my own tools to interface with it.


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